Happy New Years Rather Be Dead is happy to be back and excited for a new year of podcasting. A quick broadcasting note here. RBD will be going back to posting every other week instead of every week. The reason for this is that we will be starting a second podcast. That show will also post ever other week. So if you need a weekly fix of Rich and I that can still happen. More information on the new podcast will be posted here as it comes together. However for now lets jump into 2016 head first in the shallow end.

This week we are trying out a new segment. Clickbait the fake news game show. Mike and Rich invite some special guests tot he show for this special episode. We welcome back our old friend Scott and host of the main event Mike Knapp joins in on the fun and test out this new game.

Listen to the guys try to figure out how many eyeballs a man has up his ass or for what unusual reason two boys hired hookers. If you like the game and want us to do it it again reach out to us on twitter @rbdpodcast or email rbdpodcast@gmail.com.

Links to all the articles we used are listed in the read more section.

Question 1: Person stops intruder with medieval combat skills


Question 2  Person Poses For New Mug Shot Wearing T-Shirt With Photo Of Old Mug Shot


Question 3 Boy and friend Uses Credit Card to Buy Two  Hookers for unusual reason

Boy and friend Uses Credit Card to Buy Two  Hookers for unusual reason

Question 4 Man Found with Eyeballs in His Anal Cavity


Question 5 Brains found next to rail road tracks


Bonus Question ‘Die, die!’ Police responding to death threats find ‘out-of-breath’ man chasing…


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